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On Reasoning Out

My 2 y/o (and 5 months) daughter is now on the stage where she reasons out and gives you a hundred of why’s right every after conversation.


The other day I asked her if I could also sleep on her tummy just like the way she always does, here’s what she said:

Deye : No!

Me : Why not? You always sleep on my tummy….

Deye : You are a big girl oleydi (that’s how she exactly said it LOL!) eh! I not a big girl, I’m veyi veyi small.


And today she asked me if she can go out with my father (it’s their morning routine to visit my tita’s house next street – riding on her bike). So I said:

Me : No, it’s raining outside!

Deye : Eeeee! Sige na please….

Me : I said no “pleaseeee”!

Deye : I using “umbwella!”!


LOL oo nga naman haha! But I still didn’t let her go. So she decided to just go biking around the house with her lolo who is patiently pushing the bike haha!

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  • analyse

    hehe, cute talaga ni deye.. si louna din dami na alam.. sometimes, she lets out phrases na di naman namin sinasabi sa bahay, hay she’s learning a lot outside too..

    and hey, i like her latest pix with the slippers, hehe, cute!


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