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On social media and parental responsibilities

Last week, while we were having our late lunch outside, my friend and high school classmate sent me photos via FB private message. To my surprise, those were the graphic photos that I made from scratch for Loomies by Mitch. Below were the screenshots that I took for comparison. Left photos are mine, while the ones on the right were the ones that were edited by a certain Loomies by Geoff. You see, just by the name, it was so obvious that it was copied from me.






Since I didn’t want to spoil our family date, I took my own sweet time and dealt with it later that evening. However, I had this feeling that something must be so wrong, something tells me that I had to make a call and deal with it personally and calmly thinking and instilling in my mind that not everyone knows about netiquette.

So I did. I dialed the numbers give on his ad and again, surprised me! The number was saved on my phone. Meaning he was one of my inquirers (I always save numbers of those who inquire and order, that way I would also be aware if that person was just playing games and wasting my time the next time he or she sends me a message asking for details and later on won’t even bother to say thanks.)

See my FB update that night:


I believe that the one at fault here was the boy’s parent/s. I, myself, is guilty for the same reason that I allow my kids to use gadgets and the Internet. However, I oblige on my responsibilities and duties not to permit them go online especially on YouTube ALONE and UNGUIDED.

This boy’s case was different. It’s a different case. The parents do not even know what he does online particularly on FB. I could tell by the volume of his voice when I was talking to him over the phone.

In fairness, a couple of hours later, he took all the photos down as how I had instructed him.

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