On Visa Requirements for India

Few days from now, we are set to leave for India. But…. my visa isn’t done yet. Okay! That part I am to be blamed. But… it was because for the previous ones (3) (to think I have submitted all of them and besides they can see the stamps on my passport plus our marriage certi was also there) they didn’t ask for these kind of requirements like:

A personal invitation letter from my husband. Yes, from my husband. I understand, they must have implemented or added new rules because of the recent bombing/hostage incidents but cmon we are married. Obviously, we want to be together on some occasions. I remember when my husband filed our marriage in the Indian Embassy in Bahrain, he was told that I can change my citizenship without hassle. It’s my choice. Since they also assured that I can visit India anytime I want for as long as a visa is applied, meaning I won’t get denied, I chose not to change my citizenship.

Anyway, when I went to the agency last Friday, I didn’t prepare an invitation letter coz I was sure I won’t need one. Since it was a weekend already, I had to wait till Monday. After lunch on Monday, I got a call from the agency saying that a personal invitation letter from my husband is required plus a letter of request addressed to the Ambassador, and these docs have to be signed by my husband. That’s not a prob! The prob was there’s no way I can get hold of my husband except through an email, and I’d be lucky enough if he gets to check it right on time. I don’t want any more delays coz our day of travel is nearing. In short I waited till late afternoon but there was no sign from him. You must be wondering if he’s in a remote area. Well, yeah, sort of… Hehe! He has a cellphone but there’s no signal. There’s no way I can call him. He can but on a limited time. Anyway, I had no choice but to contact their HR in *******. Glad she replied right away and few minutes later, my husband phoned me. He sent me the docs right away and I forwarded it to the agency at the same time. Unfortunately, offices close at at 6pm so that means they’d be able to file my application the following day, which was Tuesday.

Wednesday morning, the agency acknowledged my email. So I assumed everything was fine. Until… around lunch time I received another call from them saying that I need to write a letter stating the reason why the last visa released to me was not used. Goodness! What can I do? I needed it to be done. I immediately composed the letter and sent it to the attending agent. He said to me that if everything goes well and they won’t require any more docs, visa will be released on Friday. Inshallah!!!

I really hate paper works especially when it’s done and applied here in the Philippines! It takes ages to complete! I swear!

Oh well enough of whining! I’d better do something else that is productive haha! Hmmm… yeah I’d better finish this opp about motorcycle accident lawyers Los Angeles. Any idea?

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  1. oi ur going to visit India pala 🙂 Can u please check kung mura nga ang gold and precious metals jewelries nila? heheh bigyan dw ba kita ng trabaho.. lol Miss u Mitch! Sorry bihira na nakakapasyal dito..

    Another request sana full feed mo ang rss ng blog mo please 😉

    amore’s last blog post..Coffee and Cream


  2. Sure Amore, will do that. Sana lang wag ko malimutan haha!

    Okay lang I know you are busy with your kids.

    Haha! Sige, i-full ko. Kaso baka di ka na magvisit dito ha? Sa RSS mo na lang babasahin. :p


  3. Ano ka ba mas nakaka comment nga ako nung naka full ka kasi pag interesting ung post mo click ko agad.. e now kelangan ko pa puntahan ang site mo bago ko mabasa.. lol

    Either way, I will still post a comment once I viist u 😉

    amore’s last blog post..Coffee and Cream


  4. kakaloka unang comment ko nawala. anyway, if u look at dati mas madalas ako nakakacomment sa mga post mo kasi click ko agad post pag nabasa ko sa reader.. e pag d mo full i need pa to go to ur site before i can read it. hehee

    pero either way, i will still leave u comment once I visit u 😉

    amore’s last blog post..Coffee and Cream


  5. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.


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