It’s been a long time since the last time I witnessed a wedding. The last wedding that I attended was my wedding LOL! A year before that I went to see some Bridal Shows. One was held where my husband was working before. There were numbers of stalls offering good services that you would need for the wedding i.e. invitation cards and wedding favors. What I wanted to see was the show itself. I wanted to see how gowns were made and that’s how I got the idea.

If I knew that bridal shows are now available online, I would’ve gone and tried to see one online. It’s more convenient plus the chance to chat with some experts. Unfortunately, I missed this privilege. I wish I’d known about this before.

Anyway, my sister in law is getting married soon. So I’m giving her the link of what I just found {}. I’m sure she’ll get more ideas on how weddings should be done. I might as well give this info to my friend’s mom who sketched the wedding gown that I used. I’m sure she’d love to see that too!

Speaking of wedding, I won’t be able to witness my cousin’s wedding in Zambales on Sunday. Need to pick up my husband at the airport.

Mitch Carvalho

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