One Down

Just finished packing things in one box. There’s more to pack… And I don’t know how to finish all of them with the little Supervisor around…

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  1. hahaha! I agree that the supervisor is really cute.
    Ang hirap maglipat ano?

    Btw, i got a tag for you here >

    I hope you have some time to do it.


    Hirap nga, lalo na sa Saturday aalis na husband ko, so ako na lang mag-aasikaso lahat. We had to sell some of our things kasi sayang din pera kung ipapacargo, anyway used naman na sila for sometime. Sayang lang kasi mga regalo nung kasal. Waaaaaaah!

    Sige, will check in a little while… Thanks!


  2. natawa naman ako sa picture ng supervisor, hahaha parang nag iinspection talaga ah! anggaleng ng pahgkakakuha! :p hope u get to finish everythin the easiest way possible! =)

    Meron pa nga yan kuha nasa loob ng box, di ko pa na-upload.


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