One Spoiled Wife

One spoiled wife. Who? Me? Well, yeah! Sort of… Kind of… Before he came here I would always tell him “you owe me a gift big time for all those pregnancy and delivery struggles”.

It was supposed to be a big surprise but he couldn’t wait to break the good news for me teehee! He got me a new phone! A Blackberry handset which I have been asking from him even before I got my iPhone last December. And the best part he once again gave in to what I have been telling him. We switched laptops. He got my old Toshiba with him and I got his new HP 16:9. Unluckily, I wasn’t able to get my Toshiba a new charger, that means he first needs to get a new charger for that before he could use it.

Not just that, I got myself some new shirts (I got 5 new Bum shirts) and a new pair of havs! Teehee! The excuse I gave him? I need new shirts coz the old ones are no longer fitting me. When I was buying the havs, he told me “so your feet have grown too?” LOL!

One-spoiled-wife-that-I-am. I admit. End of discussion. Teehee!

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