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Onliners Club Contest Winner Is….

….mitchteryosa! Yours truly. Believe me, it had already slipped my mind. I did my usual forum routine last night, clicked on the unread posts since my last visit and one of them was the thread about “Contest Winner“. It got me excited, without knowing it was my name declared as the forum’s first Contest Winner:

Time flies so fast. I never noticed that its already Oct. 5 today and its the day that we have to end our contest. Looking at the members posts and referrals there is only one who qualify to reach the number of posts required. Although we have posted that post counts should be at least 250 characters but since this is our first contest here I want to award the prize.

So now for our top poster winner we would like to congratulate mitchteryosa for being our top poster for the month.

Truly lucky one eh? Oooops! it does not end there yet. There’s one more contest left. Join now!

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