I had a long day working on some things. First, I went for my prenatal check-up, came home for lunch, rested a bit and went out again to buy some goodies to put in the lootbags – just for the boys. You must be wondering why only for the boys… well, unfortunately Jollibee has ran out of party favors for the boys so I said I’d just pick the goodies for them personally. And here they are:

I only bought a few but certainly these will make the kids happy already. Each bag contains Diego pencil, Spiderman stickers and toys. Spiderman is Deye’s personal choice for them. Dunno why but she seems attracted to Spiderman than Superman haha! The Thank You Cards from Jollibee will go in each bag but I was told they will give it to us on the day of the party itself.

At this moment, I am still working on some of the invitations. I finished filling up a few already but I remember I still have pending online tasks due (read : Toronto hotels) and I need to finish them before Monday coz I got some other offline tasks to do on Monday morning.

In the meantime, join us here at Our Weekend Memoirs.

Mitch Carvalho

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