OWM : Toys Sorted Out

I’ve been meaning to sort Deye’s toys out but my lazy hormones won’t cooperate. Finally, was able to do it yesterday!

Got rid of some unwanted and small items stored in her toy chest, of course with her permission. Items stored in this chest are just the things that I allow her to play with. The rest i.e. Barbie stuff and the costly ones are safely kept in their respective boxes heehee!

After sorting out, gave Deye a bath. After freshening up, she fell asleep on her fave cushions. These are the cushions from our old sofa. She would keep them on the carpet that way and lay down on it whenever she’s in the living room, or otherwise keep her feet on them as she chills and relax.

Wondering where she got that idea from? From me who else! I have this thing since I was a child, I don’t feel like stepping on a smooth flooring esp a parquet type or  marble tiles. I remember owning a quilted blanket for my feet exclusively always kept on the floor and my mom threw it away when I lived in Manila for college. She even got rid of my already torn fave pillow cases while I was not around!  Well, Deye and I have a lot of things in common. She might not look like me but I’m positive she really is my daughter hahaha!

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  1. Hi Mommy Chubs! Ay ganyan din kami sis, sa airport nga bitbit nya yung stinky at maitim-itim na nyang bolster. The prob is pag nilabhan ayaw nya, lalo syang cranky haha!


  2. Hi AL! Ako naman sis ayaw ko ng smooth na tulad ng sa floor or tiles, gusto ko naman yung ma texture ng parang sa carpet haha! I don’t even like silky blankets. Weird no? Haha! Sabagay kanya kanyang feel lang yan haha!


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