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please excuse the thumbmarks on the screenToday, I received the stuff that my husband sent through my good friend. The bag contains two packs of chocolates, an (pink) iPhone for me, iPod and ACER notebook for the princess. I’m so excited about my new phone but….. he forgot to put the charger in! LOL! Can’t blame him! It was a last minute packing. On Friday night, I told him that a friend is coming home and departing from Bahrain , then maybe he could send the stuff through her. Since he still had to go on duty the next day, he was only able to pack the things that same night and met my friend at the airport early Sunday morning. The only charger I could see in the package is the notebook’s charger wehehehe! I’m not complaining though! I, in fact, just laughed about it when he told me what he had forgotten. I’m sure I could easily buy chargers here.

Early Christmas gifts (and post anniv) for me and my princess! Thanks Mahal! Love you more heehee! More more!

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