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    Anello Bags, Now at SM City Olongapo Central

    As much as I am fond of giving away stuff on this page, you may have also noticed that I join online giveaways that I like and would be useful if I won. With that, I also love involving my kids. Aside from getting items at no cost if you get lucky, it’s also fun and rewarding.

    Anello Bag Winners

    Last Friday, 13 September, SM City Olongapo Central has opened its doors to the public, and a few stores participated in their own ways by giving discounted offers and hosting online giveaways. My dear follower, Mommy Love Fullido Compoc sent me the link of Official Anello Philippines‘ ongoing online contest and let my daughter, Deye, entered. The usual like and share of a post, and a simple question to be answered to “Why do you deserve to win a bag?’ sort of thing.

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    Raising Girls

    Raising girls (even boys!), a tween and teen at that, is not as easy as counting 1-2-3. It takes plenty of humor, a huge amount of love and trust, and a strong will that everything will be okay. You see, my husband works miles away from us. We get to be together once a year, and that’s the only time he sees them on a day to day basis, for a month. In real life, parenting must be dealt with both the parents. Otherwise, it’s only the mother or the father who has to take all the pressure when or in case something unfortunate happens.

    raising girls
    I could be very strict to them but I guess it’s just normal just like any other caring mother would. They have house rules to follow with no excuses or they get reprimanded.  With my teen, going out with friends is still a no-no, unless an adult or a parent is also with them. However, I am open to her school friends and classmates coming home to pass time, and “do projects” together. I serve them snacks and at times, I try to have a conversation with them, so they can openly tell me things, and perhaps fish info haha!