How Many Hours Do Your Kids Spend At School?

Children are not supposed to spend the whole day at school, or they should at least start a little later in the morning. In the case of my grades 3 and 8, both start at 7:30 in the morning, but they have to be at school by 7:15 for the flag ceremony, that makes us leave the house at 6:30 to get there on time. Plus my nephew who has the same schedule as my grade 8. The three of them wake up at 5:00 am to have their breakfast and prep for school, otherwise, we would have to rush and struggle with time management daily.

My grade 3 finishes at 3:10 pm while my grade 8 finishes at 4:45 pm. We are normally all home by 5:00 pm, and that’s also the same time that I am free from work. 

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Be Limitless with SvelT’i

In this day and age where technology has inevitably become a part of our daily lives, we are subconsciously living limitlessly with almost everything readily available at the tip of our fingers. It has led to so many discoveries, better establishments, and better luxuries and has dramatically changed our daily lives. From the way we communicate to speedy internet connection, from the academe to various industries, and from healthcare to aesthetics. Even in aesthetics and especially in the field of beauty, technology has been a huge driving force behind their huge improvements.

For the past two years, SvelT’i has been creating sweeping possibilities that unlock the customers’ health and beauty potentials while satisfying their needs and demands. To keep up with the changing times and as a way to say ‘Thank you’ for the customers’ continued trust, SvelT’i now offers a new set of services that aim to further defy the limits that constrict an individual’s health and attractiveness. Starting April, the clinic has been offering the latest techniques in minimally invasive treatments- from botox, dermal fillers, non-surgical nose lifts (HIKO), platelet-rich plasma (vampire facelift), mesotherapy, sclerotherapy, to thread lift.

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Plastic Key Tags: The Underrated Promotional Tool That Works

Whenever people think about print marketing they imagine giant billboards and magazine ads. While there is no denying their effectiveness, they are extremely expensive. Renting a single billboard in a high traffic area can cost businesses as much as $4000. If you want to rent a billboard space in New York that cost can be $14,000 or even higher.

If you own a small business with a limited marketing budget, then these expensive print marketing strategies might not be a good fit for you. From flyers and in-store promotion to engaging social media posts, you need to find budget-friendly marketing tactics that work for you. One of the “little things” you could do that has immense marketing potential is to invest in promotional key tags. 

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Sale Alert: EGG Bags Bundle Promo at Php1,000, Harbor Point, SBMA

After a long time, I bought stuff for myself. Of course, they have to be on SALE! Hahaha! I won’t say much but please watch the video “Shopping Haul” that my girls did.

Thanks for watching! Please give this a big thumbs up and subscribe, if you haven’t yet. Turn on the bell to get notified every time my daughter post videos. Mwah!

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How Parents Can Help Their Kids Avoid Cavities and Tooth Decay

When you think of diseases and sicknesses keeping kids out of school, you probably don’t think of cavities and tooth decay. But anyone who’s been struck with a toothache knows how physically debilitating and downright uncomfortable they can be. Take a page from George Hatzigiannis and do everything you can to help your kids keep tooth decay and cavities at bay so they’ll have great smiles and have one less reason not to go to school and get a good education.

Develop a Tooth Brushing Routine Habits are easy to develop and hard to break, so make sure all the habits your kids develop are healthy ones. When it comes to their teeth, they should brush at least twice a day and floss after every meal. While they might not like how much time this takes out of their day at first, express to them that their diligence is sure to pay off in their later years when their mouths aren’t filled with holes and signs of decay.

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