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    Baggage Missing

    On our way back to Manila, we managed to get a flight from BOM-HK-MNL via Delhi but due to the bad weather in Delhi, we were stuck there for more than 3 hours and because of this we missed our connecting flight to MNL.

    Thank God there was one more flight scheduled for Manila and we were able to squeeze ourselves in that flight but… since we were supposed to be in another flight, our baggage couldn’t be located. We were first advised to come back at the counter at 7pm for the same thing, but when I went there, the status was the same. I was really worried coz there are important things in my luggage. We were told to check after an hour but no luck. I had no choice but to sign a waiver that I agree to travel without my baggage and that they will be collected/claimed as soon as I get in Manila, if they were sent in the next available flight, and that no one knows which flight at that moment.

    Before 9pm, our boarding time, I went to the same counter and checked for the last time….

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    Diaper Free at Three

    She’s turning three on the 23rd and has been diaper free for the last 2 weeks already. It was unplanned. We landed in Mumbai on the 31st only having 1 piece of pull ups diaper left in her bag, enough to use till we get to the house.

    Only to realize before bedtime that she doesn’t have anything left to use for the night at least, so I said “bahala na kung umihi sa bed”.

    She didn’t. And that was the start of it. We didn’t have accidents since that day. And I’m so proud of that. My little girl is now totally diaper free.

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    On Our Goa Trip

    After re-booking our flight for Manila, we, then planned our trip to Goa. Booked our flights with Indigo on the 8th and 12th respectively. We had only 2 luggage/s with us so it was okay (aside from the hand carry bags and lappy) and the fact that we traveled with Derrick was better. Anyway, here are some of the photos.

    Majorda Beach – this was where we went first, a few minutes away from my in laws’ house.


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    On Our Flight To Mumbai

    Imagine traveling with a 3 year old? I’d say it was really terrible! We left Hongkong on time, but when we got there, we were advised that flights via Delhi to Mumbai were delayed due to a bad weather in Delhi. We were supposed to leave at 5pm, but it was already 8pm and there were still no signs of luck. It was around half past 9pm when we were finally told that the boarding gate was opened.

    4 and 1/2 hours later, we reached Delhi safely but later on found out that the connecting flight to Mumbai was canceled. We were assisted to clear the immigration and took our baggages as we were given an option to take a domestic flight instead. At the immigration counter, the problem all started. Can you blame me when I completely forgotten that Deye’s Phil and Indian Passports were still attached together? I was so exhausted plus she was half asleep and I was carrying two handbags in my hand. The Immigration Officer said that having two (diff) passports in India is not allowed and that they have to take and cease it. Do I have any other choice? Of course, I don’t. But thank God they were so considerate to give Deye a 14 day landing permit. I paid an amount of $40 for that by the way. We were held at the Immigration Office for more than an hour and almost missed the domestic flight.