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    Sofa Cum Bed

    mitch That’s my girl helping out my mother in law make the sofa cum bed. (I wish to have the same sofa, I wonder if  Boyles – discount furniture have this kind.) During our first week, the house was full packed that they had to rent two more apartments for all the relatives who had come for the wedding.

    It was great meeting them again for the 3rd time. They got to enjoy Deye’s company as she sings her fave songs to them haha! I wish I had captured them all. I still have a lot of photos to upload. I might just upload them in Photobucket and show everyone at once.

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    Reunited After 12 Years

    I was in Manila yesterday, attended my college friend”s wedding. Finally! We’re so happy for her. Attending her wedding also means a reunion with old friends whom I have not seen for 12 long years.


    That’s me in the middle with my good friends Kim and Mareng Alma.

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    When SAHMone Speaks #23

    How was your Christmas? It went well. We had our Noche Buena at 12mid, opened the gifts before that LOL! Though I noticed that it was not as exciting as before when we were kids. After 12mid, we went to my relatives next street, had our kris kringle. I received a silver bracelet. We went home at around 2am, I had a chat with my husband until 4am. I had to cut the conversation coz I felt my eyes were so heavy already and needed to get up by 7am the next day for Church. Went to Church at 8am on Christmas day with the family, had our family pic taken in the studio (to be collected tomorrow) then went straight to my relatives to give respect (magmano). Around 1pm, we participated in the Christmas program arranged by the neighborhood. I still have to upload the photos and video clip where I joined the basagan ng itlog LOL! At 6pm, my bestbud Jeff came over with his family, met his wife and kids for the first time. As soon as they left the house, I went to sleep. Haha!

    Tell you more later, need to check on Oscar de la Renta.