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Paper Works, Aaaargghh!

I won’t be coming at work tomorrow morning, so don’t come looking for fresh posts in my blog *as if* hahaha!

Got some errands to finish in the Philippine Embassy tomorrow *that I should’ve done 3 years ago hehehe!*

1. Passport Amendment or Change of Name. I’m still not using my married name and hubby wants me to have it changed to his name before we go.

2. Report of Marriage. Now don’t look at me like that. I know… I’m a lazy bum to do it. Again, hubby wants me to have it registered in the Phil. Embassy before we go, otherwise, our marriage won’t be valid in the Philippines *as far as I know*

3. Application for Dual Citizenship. That’s for my daughter. Otherwise, I have to apply for a visit visa again and have it renewed until her papers are finally approved. *sigh*

I just hope that everything will be completed before we leave. I have all the requirements ready with me anyway.

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  • arlene

    kaw talaga oo…..hmmm sana maayos yan lahat today. i just wonder if di kayo aalis this month siguro masundana nalang si deye di yan magawa na “dapat gawin.” hehehehe

    ingat sis….ewan ko ba bakit parang pati ako nafefeel ang “miss u” when actually am not there. hehehehe

    Mission accomplished na po hehe! Bukas na release ng lahat! I’ll blog about it in a lil while….


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