Pedring hits Olongapo City badly

When everyone thought our place won’t be hit with Typhoon Pedring, well, we were wrong. None of my relatives knew we will be experiencing it badly in our area two years after. I happened to check my Facebook early Tuesday, September 27 around 7 in the morning and saw a warning posted by Mr. Ed Piano which said:

Ed Piano on FB

I, then sent SMS to my relatives and officemates. Whether the statement was true or not, it’s always better to keep safe and start saving things while it’s still early. 30 minutes after I sent the SMS, my cousin Tibo came running to my house screaming “Ate, bumabaha na! Puntahan ko na sila Ninang ha?!” He was referring to my mom, who happened to be his Godmother. I actually requested him to please assist them since only my parents are staying in their house alone plus the fact that I just had an eye surgery and lifting heavy things is a no no no, yet.

Being a certified blogger that I am, I immediately took my digital camera out and starting clicking photos. Photos below were from my terrace view:

Flooded street in Cabling Lane

First photo was taken Tuesday morning, while the second one was around 5pm.

Laundry area downstairs

Above was our laundry area. First photo was taken around lunch time while the other one was 2 hours later.

Knee and Waist deep

That’s Tolits, in his raincoat. Tolits is a neighbor and good friend who works for the barangay and a member of the rescue team around our area. He’s the one who updates me with the situation from time to time. In fact he said, that there was a 10 y/o who just passed away due to another landslide that happened in Mabayuan. In the first photo, the flood was just knee deep while few hours later almost reached his chest.

As per my Uncle who decided to stay awake that night, the flood has slowly gone down at around 11pm.

After Pedring settled down

Photos above were taken Wednesday morning. At around 9am that same day, I went out to buy canned goods, extra candles and diapers. I was home at half past 11am and downstairs was flooded again, below my knee deep.

I felt bad seeing Olongapo hit by another Typhoon like this. When this happens, I always remember the tragedy we had to face during the Mt. Pinatubo days. Even the dry market and some shops were hit by flood and strong wind. Spoke with one of my High School classmates yesterday and unfortunately, few of the shirts and tops that they were selling got wet and now all covered with mud. To think, that place was already elevated.

I’m glad we’re almost back to normal except for no electricity. There’s a news going around that we will have no electricity for 4 days due to the damage in the main line. I also learned from my cousin that Olongapo City was declared under State of Calamity yesterday.

Update: Thought you might also want to read my friend and officemate’s blogpost about Pedring.

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  1. your personal status in FB was the last one I have read before our electric power went down. It’s a good thing your house has a second level. Naiisip ko nga ang 2 kids mo at ikaw habang humahampas ang malalakas na hangin. Nag aalala akong mabuti sa inyong mag-iina and ganun din ke sis Mhel, I want to call you but discharge na mga cp namin.

    I am very glad that you and the kids are ok. Keep safe sis, another typhoon is just around the corner 🙁


  2. The good thing about being in the state of calamity is better facilities in the future kasi papalitan lahat. After Ondoy, pinalitan yung mga linya ng kuryente at telepono. During Pedring, kahit na nag-overflow ang Marikina River at malakas ang hangin may kuryente at phone pa rin kami, compared sa

    Ingat kayo diyan Mitch.


  3. Ganda glad ur back…grabe din ang nagyari dyan…I hope and pray that everything will be back to normal…I can just imagine the big eyes of your bunso as the whole place is turning into like sea of water…

    Ang pinakamadugong parte ang paglilinis


  4. Hi sis Rossel! Sa ibang areas like Sta. Rita normal na scenario ang baha sa tag-ulan but not the whole Olongapo. Nabaha lang ang Olongapo ng ganyan nung time ni Ondoy.

    Kakabalik lang kuryente namin daw. Yey!


  5. My experience with flood was in 2000 or so when I was a college student in UST and there were frequent floods…we were trapped at the boarding house 😀 I do hope you and the whole fam’s ok. Hopefully the government will do something regarding sewerage and all…para di maulit or di man tumaas like how it was. Be safe sis!


  6. I didn’t know that Pedring hits Luzon that bad and couldn’t believe the flood in your area reached not just waist but chest deep.. as if another Ondoy happened .. 🙁 we were not directly affected but nearby place like Roxas Blvd was badly hit too.


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