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People and things that I will miss….

At times, the things that hold one person from leaving her job is not actually the love and investment that she already had exerted for that job but the people whom have become a part of you and the things that you usually do together. It was the same feeling I had when I left my 10 years job in Bahrain and I am going through the same feeling this time.


Despite having different personalities, we just clicked and eventually became friends.

Lerva & I have a great tandem when it comes to being creative. I need not to explain further but that makes some of my tasks lighter. The fact that she gets along well with my girls makes it more special. She actually is the reason why most of the time Deye wants to come to our office, to be with her friend – Tita Lerva.

Ate Hazel

Ate Hazel plays the role more of a mom, and not an ate. When she says things to me, I usually think twice and ponder.


Jon, my travel and drinking buddy. A bubbly guy and joker but talks sensible things at times.


Thess & I share similarities that would sometimes just make us cry without knowing we were already crying.


The girls whom I share sentiments with at times and make my day when we drink and dine together. We can go on just talking about things like make-ups, Pearls, music, and even the people we hate the most haha! Need I say more? The picture above says it all.


Gayle whom I have shared more than half of life’s ups, downs and secrets. She has seen me in my weakest points and could read 100% of what’s going on my mind.

With the things said above, I’d say the time spent together is never a basis how far ones’ friendship had gone. It’s the fun and things you share together that makes a friendship eventually a treasure.

Yes, I extended at work till June 1 and hopeful to see changes in a month. No official goodbyes as yet but I just had to say the things I said above.

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