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Remember the day when I blogged about my cousin who was admitted to the hospital in Cabanatuan? Thank God she’s doing alright now with the help of two people who helped us a lot to make things lighter for her.

She’s married with one daughter but unfortunately, “wala din sila”. And when things like these happen, they don’t know where to go. I feel for them. I’ve gone through this before that’s why I had to find a way to help them.

I went there with her older sister and another friend of us, three day ago. we thought we could donate at least 2 bags of blood that she needed. But when we went to the blood bank for the screening test, the medtech immediately told me in a funny way “ikaw magdodonate ka? eh ang sexy sexy mo kaya, di ka pwede!” I laughed instead. Told her and insisted “check-up-in niyo muna kaya ako para magkaalaman hahaha!” That was the start of the friendship. A good friendship that saved someone’s life. She helped us deal everything with the DSWD, she helped us find a way and gave us a very good discount.

After a while, I received a message from my cousin who went back there yesterday saying that the bill was something like 10k+, excluding the blood transfusion bill. She panicked and asked me to call her. Honestly, the money that she took with her was not enough, I had to do something which I haven’t done for a long time, Mr. Pawnshop lang ang katapat nyahaha! Anyway, I sent my new friend a message instead. She said, leave it to her and she will check with the DSWD. After few minutes, she messaged me and said “okay na, wala ng babayaran, bigyan niyo na lang pangmeryenda yung tao ha?” I was like wala ng babayaran as in wala? She replied again and said “oo, friendship okay na yun”.

When I read those lines, I knew that God was there blessing her and the other person who made it possible.  At this moment, my cousin has been discharged from the hospital.

God bless them! I really mean it, may God bless them. They just don’t know how much help they had given my cousins. I’m sure their parents are happy watching them from heaven.

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  1. see.. ganyan nagagawa ng ganda Mitch 🙂 it can help other people! heheh

    seriously, i’m glad okay na pinsan mo 🙂

    Yung sa guard at nurse, lalaki sila, nadaan sa charm. Ayaw kasi kaming papasukin dahil maaga pa daw, 11am kasi ang dalaw. Buti may asim pa ako nyahahaha! Pero yung sa bloodbank, mabait talaga silang sadya. Kasi babae yun bwehehehe!

    Well, she’s a lot better now pero may isang pang labtest, sa bituka naman daw kasi the doctor was wondering kung bakit ganun kagrabe ang pagbleed nya kung sa ilong lang ang dahilan. I hope she gets better very soon saka sana walang prob. Gustuhin ko man syang dalawin dun ang layo kasi, 5 hours ang byahe, tas pabalik pa another 5 hours.


  2. wow, grabe, God is good. naantig ako sa share mo sis. glad she’s allryt now. God really has a way of making things right when u least expect it. God bless! =)

    Very true. 🙂


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