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Perfect Honeymoon

Won’t you just love taking a bath in one of the Bathroom Suites of your dream?

Before getting married, I already told my husband to let me choose the room for our honeymoon. Since we were on a short vacation at that time, we can’t afford to have an out of the country sort of honeymoon thing  plus the fact that we were already squeezing our budget for the rest of the coming days. Imagine paying our whole family’s visa and tickets coming to Bahrain, it was a big amount of money already.

Anyway, since we decided to have our reception held in Diplomat Hotel-Bahrain, I thought that we could also have our honeymoon in the Hotel. Anyhow, I really loved the look of their Italian Room minus the ambiance of a bathroom suite that I really wanted to have, just perfect for honeymooners! Plus the convenience that it gave us. After the reception, we didn’t have to struggle. All we had to do was go down our hotel room and that’s it! All set, ready to start a family heehee!

Oh well, unfortunately Deye wasn’t a honeymoon baby. It took us 8 months to finally hit it! LOL! However, I still could say that it was indeed a perfect honeymoon for us minus the bathroom suite etc. Go figure! 😀

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