PF: Bora Cellphone Charm

Another item to be added in my collection, a cellphone charm from Bora!

Cellphone Charm

Here’s a closer look of the little bottle that you see, it’s as big as P1.

Cellphone Charm

Guess who gave this to me? Gaylee. It came with a white sexy topper. Let’s see if I can wear it with confidence this coming December haha!

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  1. ang cute naman ng trinket na ‘to. i have a friend who went to Borocay last year and he got me a phone trinket shaped like a slipper, cute cute din ^^

    visiting you from PF. hope you can visit me back at BESPECTACLED ME

    thanks, and see you around!


  2. cute cell phone charm 🙂 never been to Bora maybe someday when I am rich 🙂 lucky you to have a generous friend 🙂 visiting for PF, hope that you can visit me back too


  3. Let me see the sexy tops sis….tapos tag mo si hubby…tignan natin kung hindi maexcite yun hehehhehe…Rated PG comment hehhehe

    Visiting from PF hope you can visit me back…


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