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Aside from the designer, branded and everyday bags that I love, I am also fond of pouches and small bags. They don’t have to be fancy and expensive. Just anything that can organize my things. Read: Make-ups, accessories and gadgets, not to forget the chargers that make my life complicated at times when I am looking for one and couldn’t find it.

Pink Gadget Organizer by Fab Manila

Reason? Memory gap. I think that’s a better way of saying I also get disorganized at times. That’s where these bags come in and that’s  what I love about small bags and pouches, they just make my life easy organizing my stuff.

Mary Kay Organizer
Mary Kay Organizer

The pink bag that you see above includes the two transparent pouches. I use it for my netbook and iPad when I travel. I keep the chargers, USBs and external drives in the pouches. That way they don’t get mixed up. My camera gets in there too! Sssshhh! It’s actually meant for organizing make-ups and accessories. It was the very first gift that I got for selling Mary Kay products on my first month with them. I just love this bag! Perfect for travel!

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