My husband is arriving this Sunday and we have set our family outing next Saturday, January 20, in time for the girls’ birthday celebration. This time we won’t be holding a party like what we used to have, instead, spend it on something else important, a family bonding that is.

Since Deye requested for a cake, ordering a big one is not practical and convenient to carry from Olongapo to Bataan and back if it’s not eaten all. So I thought cupcakes are the best solution just to give in to her request.

Being the usual “maagap” that I am, I placed the order earlier. My bad, I had given and confirmed a wrong date! I confirmed today’s date instead of having it next Friday, January 19, thus the title of this post “Super advance birthday cupcakes“.

Birthday cupcakes

Another cute set of birthday cupcakes made by Choco Fancy Treats. Rox, who makes these cakes is a fellow mom from Deye’s school. The other box of girly cupcakes is a gift from her daughter, Xien. Aren’t they cute?

Birthday cupcakes

What a pink Friday the 13th huh?! Anyway, tomorrow, I plan to cook spag and serve the cakes to my nieces and nephews! An unplanned super advance birthday celebration hahaha!

Wanna get a good laugh? Here’s what I posted on FB…. Read on…

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