Why is it that celebrities always seem to look so beautiful in all their Instagram posts? What the heck are they doing? How is it possible for people to look so good so consistently? 

Don’t worry, folks – it has nothing to do with their clean eating or rigorous gym habits. It’s all about how they interact with the camera. They know just the right angles and lighting to bring out the best in their poses. It’s why they look great doing bubble-butt on social media, and you don’t. It’s nothing personal. It’s just the fact that they’re in the know – and they take full advantage of it. 

So what are these voodoo methods celebs are using? Read on to find out more. 

LED Teeth Whitening

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A few years ago, there were only two real ways to whiten your teeth to God-like pearly brightness levels. The first was to go to your dentist and spend a fortune getting them to paint bleach all around your mouth. And the second was to buy strips that you fit your teeth yourself. 

The first option was too expensive, and the second ineffective. Then along came LED whitening – the technique virtually no one knows about. 

These systems are a little more expensive than strips, but not much. But they’re a heck of a lot more effective. 

Kits come with a mouthguard, LED pacifier, and whitening gel. You apply the gel to the mouthguard and then place it in your mouth. You then put the LED pacifier in your mouth, switch on the light, and wait for it to activate chemicals in the gel that brighten your teeth’ surface. 

For some people, the results are extraordinary. And the best bit is that it is totally safe – no dangerous bleach and none of the associated pain. Why isn’t everyone using these kits?!

Figure Out What Works Best For You Have you ever noticed that celebrities seem to have a specific “look” when trundling down the red carpet? Yes – they’re all wearing the latest products from the world’s most fabulous fashion houses, but that doesn’t mean that they break with their underlying style. They know what works for them, and they’re not afraid to stick with it. When they pose for the camera, they try to do so classically. 

They also get a sense of the types of editing tools and apps that work best for them. Some people suit greyscale, and so they upload more black and white selfies. Others look best when they brighten the whole image and saturate the colors – an approach that works well for pale skin. 

Create Custom Filters

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Most people still use stock filters that come with their phones to get the perfect pics. But if you’re a celebrity, you need something more bespoke that adequately reflects your style. 

Sometimes you need special filters for bright days, especially if you have a penchant for travel. These help reduce light levels in the photo, making it appear less saturated and bringing out darker colors. 

You might also want to use a “chic filter” – one that helps your images look darker, sexier, and more dramatic. These filters work particularly well when paired with sultry makeup. 

Use Photo Makeup Did you know that there is a kind of makeup specifically designed to make you look great in photos? Well, it exists – and it’s called HD makeup. 

Unlike regular foundation, it interacts with light in a special way that makes it easy to snap pictures of your flawless skin. The product contains special pigments designed to mimic the natural reflectivity and translucence of your dermis, meaning you don’t get that “cakey” makeup look you so often see in so many photos. 

Accessorize Like A Boss It’s not just about your clothes and makeup. Looking photogenic also requires that you carefully consider your accessories too. 

When it comes to things like glasses, bags, hats, and jewelry, celebrities are very careful. They only choose items that match their outfits, skin tone, and face shape. 

The way celebs shop here is different from the average person. They take their time and make each item a project. Everything has to work alongside everything else and fits together correctly. If it doesn’t, then it is back to the drawing board. 

Use Lighting For Taking Selfies Most selfies wind up looking awful because of low lighting. Most celebrities run a professional social media gig using professional lighting solutions that illuminate all parts of their face. The average person sees the results and assumes that they naturally look great, but that’s now what’s really going on. Instead, what you’re seeing is just the inevitable difference between proper lighting and none at all. 

The good news is that you don’t need to spend professional levels of money to get decent lighting for your selfies. And you don’t need a studio either. Companies like LuMee are making LED attachments that you can connect to your smartphone that adjust lighting levels according to the surrounding environment. You just hook them up, and away you go. 

Modify Your Look In Apps Apps have now gone well beyond merely editing images. Many now allow you to literally change the appearance of your face and skin with the click of a button. 

This technology is possible today because of the rise of artificial intelligence. App developers use machine learning to learn facial patterns and then adjust them accordingly on images you submit for editing. The tool allows you to do all sorts of things, such as experiment with different types of makeup to see which looks best before posting on Instagram. 

Choose A Pose And Stick With It Finally, posing might be the best thing you ever do to make yourself look more photogenic. Where possible, you want to appear sassy with your shoulders back and hand on your hip. Try to push the chest forward and, if standing up, keep your legs straight and feet together. And don’t forget to smile! It always makes a massive difference in how you appear. 

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