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Photographed Memories – Part 1

Couldn’t think of anything to blog about, thus, the reason I came up to this…

From left to right, down.

1. That was taken on my daughter’s first birthday, ang pinakamatinong family portrait namin.
2. Deye’s first captured photo taken at the hospital. Photographed by the proud father.
3. Deye’s first captured smile.
4. Deye’s first valentine 2006.
5. Deye’s first cake.
6. The first time we attended a children’s party.
7. My fave photo of Deye.
8. That was after the “kiss the bride” scene. I was literally wiping my lips, nalawayan heehee!
9. The first dance to the tune of All My Life. Never had a perfect dance move except for that one. *wink*
10. We had a very simple wedding cake, but that was the sweetest cake I had ever!
11. Korek ang nakikita niyo, si Troy Montero nga yan! Heehee! He was in Bahrain for a night. Sabi ko di ako kikiligin pero mali ako, kakilig-kilig sya heehee!
12. My fave baby picture.
13. My High School girlfriends, missed them!
14. That was taken five hours before the wedding. Para na akong may butterflies sa tiyan hehehe!
15. Last glance before I bid goodbye to singlehood.
16. Wala lang naku-cute-an lang ako sa kuhang yan.

That’s it for now!

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