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Pillow! Oh Pillow!

Are you a pillow person? How many pillows do you keep for yourself? Guess what I’ve found this morning, a website full of pillows *wink*, in different shapes and forms. And they are not just the plain and simple ones that we see in the local markets, they are the decorative ones! By the way, these are not bed pillows. But if you wish to use it for that, oh well no one can ever stop you!

If I’m not mistaken, they come in feather pillow form and feather pillow insert. Meaning they create pillows in various sizes and shapes with several different fills i. e. feather filling.

And guess what? They’ve got bolsters too! So timely! We’ve been looking for bolsters in the market but unfortunately my boss didn’t like the quality. Basically, we need an insert pillow for the lounge sofa in one of his restaurants. But when I checked the shipping and delivery details, it says that they don’t ship abroad. Good thing that my boss has a US address which we often use for situations like this. Must be my lucky day huh! I hope our upholstery guy will be able to give the quantities that we require by tomorrow.

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