Pink Fridays: Erchelle’s pencil sketch/es and the people behind it

Last Monday, this was what I saw on my office desk. A pencil sketch of my bunso. This isn’t the first time it happened. The first one was sketched using a blue pen made by one of our Production Operators. When I saw the above, I had the thought that it came from and made by the same person. Come breaktime, our Kuya Guard asked me “Maam, nakita niyo na po yung drawing?” That’s the only time when I learned that it was made by a different person. I even thought it was our Kuya Guard who did it. He explained that he saw the first sketch and thought that his friend in the next building to us could do the same, and even better. So he did! I was really grateful to Kuya Guard and finally met the guy who sketched it just yesterday and even asked me if I wanted more, just buy the materials and he’ll do it for me. Lucky me eh?

Hmmm… you must be wondering why I entered this for Pink Fridays when there is no PINK at all. Relax! I’ll show you the PINK mousepad where they copied the sketch from. Please click here.

You see, it pays a lot when you acknowledge and appreciate the efforts and existence of people who are not always recognized. When I travel abroad for official business, I don’t forget to bring a little something for our Kuya Guard, Gardener, Cleaner and 2 Cooks. Even a ballcap souvenir from an exhibit I”d been to makes them smile.

Join us at Pink Fridays!

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