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Pink Fridays : Spot the Pink Stuff

Majority of Deye’s toys and stuff are in pink color, not just because pink is a girl’s color but it’s also her fave color. She actuallygot a pink bed recently. She also never gets tired of wearing pink dresses and shoes. That’s why on her birthday, I decided that it had to be something different, well, at least the dress that she worn hahaha! Anyway, let me share with you some of her pink toys (these are the ones still in good condition, the old ones are kept in her pink toy box). Sorry I got lazy sorting out the pink ones from the rest. Maybe then we can play a game. Just spot the pink stuff that you see in her toy cabinet teehee! Most of them are gifts.

The Barbie bathroom sets that you see behind are not even opened yet, they still have the tag prices stuck/printed on the boxes. Not sure if the giver had forgotten about it or they just won’t go when they tried to remove it (hmmmm maybe these tags were printed from an epson receipt printer or something hehe!) Maybe next week, I can include the ones we got from Jollibee and McDo.

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