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Places to trim your spending

As a stay-at-home mom, you’re likely in charge of the household spending, so the responsibility for getting your budget in shape may fall to you. Trimming your monthly budget can be hard, but also really rewarding. If you can move your budget from a point of “paycheck to paycheck” into the realm of “money to burn,” you’ll be more than just a little happy. So, what are some areas where you can reasonably trim your costs?

1. The Food Budget

There’s a balance you have to strike here. If you’re eating Top Ramen for every meal, do us all a favor and spend a little bit more. However, many people have plenty of room to come down on their food budget. Eating out as rarely as possible can really bring your food budget to a better level. Remember that cooking your own food is more enjoyable, affordable and healthier.

2. Entertainment

You may think that you don’t spend a lot on entertainment, but it’s a good idea to review your bank statement to be sure. Do you have subscriptions to video games or movie rental locations? What about club memberships? If there are any of these items that don’t see much use, or even that you can let go without feeling heartbroken, cut ties!

3. Insurance

It’s true that almost every car insurance commercial brags about how the people who switched saved a bunch of money, but they’re all being honest. Many people stay with the wrong insurance company simply because they haven’t done any research. This is an area that can easily be remedied in order to save you big bucks.

4. Clothes

Lots of people spend well more than they should on clothing. If you shop for clothes as a hobby, be sure that you’re buying second-hand. It’s much better if you can avoid expanding your wardrobe as a way of manging stress.

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