Whenever people think about print marketing they imagine giant billboards and magazine ads. While there is no denying their effectiveness, they are extremely expensive. Renting a single billboard in a high traffic area can cost businesses as much as $4000. If you want to rent a billboard space in New York that cost can be $14,000 or even higher.

If you own a small business with a limited marketing budget, then these expensive print marketing strategies might not be a good fit for you. From flyers and in-store promotion to engaging social media posts, you need to find budget-friendly marketing tactics that work for you. One of the “little things” you could do that has immense marketing potential is to invest in promotional key tags. 

Hotels often use key tags and key card as a promotional tool.  Variable print keytag for hotels serve a dual purpose. They allow customers in and out of their rooms while promoting the hotel brand by featuring the logo.

5 Reasons Why Keytag Promotion Works

They Promote Your Brand 24X7: Keytags are carried by customers in their pockets and they travel with them to their workplaces and other locations. As long as customers choose to carry around the printed key tags they are invariably helping to promote your brand. If it’s an interesting looking tag then customers would proudly show off their new tags to their friends and family members.

They Work for All Businesses: Keytags can be given away by almost all businesses. If you own a fitness studio, you can hand out free key tags to new members. Retail shops, car dealerships, bakeries, and even salons can give away innovatively-designed key tag to their customers.

They Can Be Sent Via Mail: Thanks to its compact dimensions key tags can be given as gifts with marketing mailers. While giving key tags in person has a certain marketing charm, sending them via mail instantly increases your outreach potential.

They Can Be Designed Innovatively: To make sure your key tag becomes somewhat of a conversation piece you need to think out of the box, both literally and figuratively. Boxy single-color rectangular key tags simply don’t work. You need key tags that have a full-color design and a shape that matches your business identity. For example, if you own a bakery, you can get cupcake-shaped key tags to give away as gifts to customers.

They Are Functional: One of the primary reasons why key tags work is because they can be given away as gifts. Not just because, they help in organizing keys. Key tags can have barcodes and RFID tags to serve a range of different functions. It can act as customer loyalty card, where shops can scan the barcode and lookup customer purchase data. This also allows customers to redeem store points by whipping out their key tags. Now, because these tags serve a practical purpose, they are almost never thrown away.

They Are Affordable: The fact that key tags are affordable, allows you to order them in bulk. You can send out hundreds of key tags via mail to your customers and potential customers without breaking the bank. Its affordability combined with great success rate is why local retailers regularly order custom key tags for their businesses.

Mitch Carvalho

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