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Plastic Surgery in NJ

If you are given a chance to have a plastic surgery anywhere in the world for free, which place would you choose?

Hmmm… that’s quite a hard question. Okay, to be safe I’ll just mention one of the many places that I wanted to go first. New Jersey.

There’s nothing special about New Jersey, it’s just that I’ve recently read somewhere that New Jersey plastic surgery has currently 18 spots for patients available right now. Of course, if I’d go somewhere, I’d choose a place where I would have more than 2 options.

But honestly, I’m not really worried about how I look, even if I would be given a chance to do this for free. I don’t think I would… Unless it’s all about skin care. Then I might reconsider the offer. Hahaha! I’m talking like a celebrity here! As if, someone would offer a package like this. I don’t think so.

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