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PLDT DSL Is Now In Olongapo

Olongapo City is a civilized and well developed place but when it comes to being “updated” to some other things like internet connection or a shopping mall, I sometimes feel that we are sooooooo behind!

The only telecom company that we had outside the SBMA was PilTel, and that is now merged with SubicTel. Recently, I saw some banners displayed outside, everywhere, that PLDT DSL is now offered in our place. Good news for someone like me who badly need a reliable and fast internet connection.

Since I am still on a contract with my provider Smartbro, I will still continue my subscription with them until December. Then, maybe I’d go for PLDT DSL. A difference of P300 isn’t that much compared to losing paid opps that cost me $30 everytime I couldn’t get connected to this darn line! Hmp! Probably, by then, I’d also get a Linksys router and have my brother’s PC connected to the main line so that both of us could make use of your computers online at the same time.

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