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PLDT DSL Now In Gapo

DSL connection and VoIP work well together. That’s already proven by those who have a DSL connection at home who make use of VoIP. I came to know about this when my VoIP won’t cooperate because of the connection that I currently have > broadband. Geez! That didn’t give me peace of mind at work! If I am to make a VoIP Review back then, I wouldn’t know. I would probably say VoIP providers do not really give a highly rated service.

And why do you think I’m blogging about this? Because PLDT-DSL is now offered in Olongapo! For just P1,299 a month you get a free landline plus they won’t charge you for an installation. I know there’s no reason, yet, for me to get excited. I’m stuck with my provider for at least 6 months more. *sigh* I didn’t know it’s a year contract. My bad! I didn’t read the full terms and conditions when I subscribed to them! Lesson learned!

So for now, I’d be contented chatting online with my husband, and maybe make use of our cellphones once in a while.

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