Cold, please leave me alone”.

I just suffered from a severe cold a month ago and it has decided to revisit my system this morning.

According to Wikipedia:

  • Colds typically last five to seven days. Please please…. spare me! I don’t want to spread the virus in the house.
  • A cold virus can infect the next person before it is defeated by the body’s immune system. Sneezes expel a significantly larger concentration of virus “cloud” than coughing. What do I have to do now? Stay away from Deye? That’s impossible! I’m the only one home from 7pm till midnight.
  • Colds rarely cause fever or headache. No wonder headache is very much present in my system these days.
  • The best way to avoid a cold is to avoid close contact with existing sufferers; to wash hands thoroughly and regularly; and to avoid touching the mouth and face. Anti-bacterial soaps have no effect on the cold virus — it is the mechanical action of hand washing that removes the virus particles. Okay, now I’m aware. Thanks Wiki!
  • As there is no medically proven and accepted medication directly targeting the causative agent, there is no cure for the common cold. At least honey-lemon tea works for me. And Vick’s vaporub applied on my sole. Enough to soothe and comfort me while the virus is around.

I’m begging, please cold, leave me alone!

Mitch Carvalho

A full-time home-based Marketing Manager by day, 24/7 Mom, and a Blogger at any time. I’m 43 and proud. Mom of Derelle & Erchelle, sharing my adventures as I walk through motherhood and having to do most things on my own while my Indian national husband works miles away from home.