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Potty Training

Potty training is really time and effort consuming for a working mother like me. It’s so disappointing that whenever I let her sit down, it takes time for both of us to succeed. Most of the time, I would end up putting her diaper on again and let her do it, as how she’s used to do it.

I’ve read in the book that girls are mostly ready for potty training earlier than boys. But it looks like my little girl isn’t ready for it yet? Or is it just me being paranoid that she won’t ever absorb this new routine?

I, then, once again found myself typing potty training girls in Google, hoping to find good tips that might work for us this time. Browsed. Clicked. Finally found an informative and helpful site that talks about Potty Training Basics. It also offers an eBook that costs $17 only. Of course, I grabbed one. When I can spend $30 over buying my own domain, why not for my daughter. Besides I can also benefit from this… potty trained means less soiled diapers.


  • Karen

    I know what you mean when you talk about wanting to be diaper free. My son is two and is now fully potty trained. I also researched on google for help with potty training. I came across a website that talked about the importance of praise and positive reinforcement when potty training. This sounded good to me so I bought the product. It is called potty training rewards. The treats and audio acknowledgements were powerful incentives to fully potty train my son, not to mention the fact that it was very inexpensive. I would recommend this product to any parent potty training. I is truly wonderful to be a diaper free household! Here is the website

    Thanks for the link, I’ll go and check that out. 🙂


  • marie

    Ako rin tinatry ko na ipractice si Izza but it doesnt work , siguro maaga pa para sya matuto ipinapakita ko na nga kung paano gamitin pero wa epek. By the way makabili rin ng book na yan.

    Same here. In fact we have two types of potty, yung isa yung pot talaga tas yung isa naman yung nilalagay mismo sa toilet bowl, naku wa epek!


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