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Power Tripper & Credit Taker

If there are two things that I hate about “traits” some people specifically managers and leaders that are in the position have are power tripping and credit taking.

Someone, typically at work, who has higher powers over most people they work with. This higher power (usually a manager or someone’s boss) tends to go to their head causing them to “Power trip” and abuse their rights as a manager/boss/owner. Such as picking on people or making their lives difficult, “Just because they can.” is a person who is on a Power Trip.

I so hate people who make other’s lives difficult  just because they can, or just because they not really happy inside and out. Well, no worries, karma is just around! Before they knew it, it has already struck them, and worst, if it’s not them but someone close to their hearts, in case they’ve still got a heart!

Credit taking when in fact you have no participation in making it happened is really irritating! Sad to say, there are people who are already in the position but still wanting for more. It’s either they still pick on people for no reason, or worst grab the credits of those who really are hard working but end up empty handed, just because of such immature attack and greediness of somebody else!

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