Pre-valentine Date

My husband and I had our pre-valentine date last night. Yup, I’d like to call it that way. He leaves for Bahrain on the 10th, that is next week and because of that we won’t be able to celebrate the Valentine’s Day together.

I rushed home from work yesterday and spoke with the girls that Dada & I are going out without them. Freshened up and headed out to dinner.  I was thinking to have a light meal for both of us over at Wimpy’s before we head on to my plan, a movie date. But he said that he hasn’t eaten pork sisig since he came so we ended up in Cocolime right after we purchased our cinema tickets just to make sure we won’t miss our seats.

In 30 minutes, we were done with our supposed to be light dinner. He was not happy with the pork sisig so we decided to have it taken out and went back to the main gate and approached the bridge where we have seen an old lady on our way in begging for money, and gave the take-out to her instead.

The movie starts at 8:30pm and we were in before that. Bought ourselves a popcorn, one butter and cheese flavor and made a deal that we will only finish half of each and give each to our girls. But that didn’t happen ‘coz he finished his so we only brought home what was left from mine. As soon as the movie started, he asked me Our 3rd movie in 12 years?” And I said “You remembered it right, huh?”

Imagine, we had been together that long already and yet we never really had the time to even watch movies at the cinema together. Too bad the movie was just 2 thumps up for us. But never mind, what important was we had a good time together. In fact, we even clicked photos goofing around at the restaurant.

Our pre-valentine date did not end there, we had one round of Tanduay Ice at home when he said “The movie was bad, but the evening was nice, thanks Mahal! I have not been out like this for a long time.”

Next movie to be shown next week is “The Vow” and I plan to ask him out again before he goes. Enough to fill another year before we see each other again. How’s that?

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  1. This is so sweet. Indeed, it’s our date who matters more than the food, movie or even the place. Advance happy Valentine’s to you and your husband sis. Have fun on your next pre-Vday date 🙂


  2. It turned out to be you and your hubby are the only great happening that time. No matter how bad the food is and the movie, as long as you guys enjoy each other’ company, you’re good! Can’t imagine to be away from my hubby for a long time:(. Make the most of your time together then sis. The Vow seems a promising romantic movie. 🙂


  3. I’m glad that you had a wonderful evening with your hubby. You mean he has to go away and you won’t see each other for a year? Wow, you are so strong! I admire that, the most I can stand to be away from my husband is a week, tops. 😛

    I hope you have another great date before he leaves, one that will leave you breathless and more in love with each other than ever before. 🙂

    Advance Happy V-day sis! 🙂


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