When women enters menopause, she starts noticing various changes that are happening to her body. Some of the worst problems that occur are hot flashes, insomnia, mood swings, bad concentration, depression; they are no longer able to enjoy sex because the skin around vagina is becoming dry. At the same time, women are more susceptible to various genital infections. Menopause is something that happens gradually. Before menopause, women’s body is slowly starting to change. Hormones are not working properly anymore, there is no ovulation; menstruations are becoming increasingly irregular with more frequent bleeding. All of this happens because female body is no longer able to produce adequate quantities of estrogen which is regulating most of the internal processes within the organism.

Menopause usually starts between 48 and 50. However, there are certain women who are entering menopause at very early age, around 42, 43 years, sometimes even before 40. This depends on genetics, lifestyle, stress and other circumstances during their life. By using hormonal substitution therapy, today, we are able to prevent premature menopause. In order for this therapy to have maximal effect, it is very important for women to contact her gynecologist at proper time. First symptoms that can warn us of this are irregular menstrual cycle, lack of menstruation or irregular bleeding. 

The most common symptoms that warn us about menopause are hot flashes, redness and sweating. They usually appear because estrogen is on minimal level. During this period, women are experiencing increased depression because nerves within the brain are starting to react to lack of estrogen. So, when a woman is lacking this hormone, disturbance within the nerves causes depression. One of the main issues, that are rarely mentioned, is vaginal dryness. Due to lack of estrogen, skin around vagina is becoming dry and thin. This makes woman susceptible to various infections. However, if woman suffers from this problem, she shouldn’t use antibiotics to treat it.

Luckily, modern medicine gives us various options for addressing these issues. Today, most of the drugs that are used, such as Premarin vaginal cream, are based on estrogen. In fact, they need to replenish naturally produced hormones within our body. By using this cream, you are able to eliminate vaginal dryness and different irritations which will make your intercourse once again enjoyable.

For application of Premarin vagina cream, vaginal applicator is provided. The medicine is usually used in cycles: three weeks of use with one week break. Use the medicine according to doctor’s order. After each application, it is necessary to clean vaginal applicator with water and soap. This cream ranks among the best ones for this particular problem making it a popular choice for many online pharmacies. If you decide to buy Premarin vaginal cream from You! Drugstore, you can be certain that most of your vaginal issues will be resolved.

Like any other medicine, you can expect certain problems after use. Mild side effects are increased hair growth, loss of appetite, vaginal discharge, breast pain, headache, nervousness, freckles etc. Severe side effects are pain, abnormal vaginal bleeding, confusion, swelling of joints, headache, fatigue, nausea etc.

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