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PowerPoint is a great program for presenting ideas and connecting the audience with a visual representation of the verbal message. Unfortunately, not everyone who prepares these slide shows understands the program well enough to present information that is compelling to the viewer and sometimes it is simply a matter of time constraints. eSlide has created a system that creates unique content that is visually organized without sacrificing content or visual appeal.

In side-by-side comparisons of eSlide presentations and those done in the office, the results were night and day. The office presentation looked vaguely familiar to hundreds of others because it used stock templates, graphics and fonts looked outdated and color schemes were boring. The presentation from eSlide was contemporary with information presented in a clean manner that drew the eye to key data first. 

Graphics were unique and professionally done. Transitions from slide to slide were sleek and in a natural progression. One slide presented a pie chart with sales statistics. The office slide appeared cluttered and it was difficult to discern the figures represented. The slide from eSlide had transformed some text into the graphic using complimentary colors for an organized look and all data was easy to comprehend. When weighing the advantages of using eSlide over creating presentations in-house, the choice is clear. A slideshow is an extension of all marketing efforts and creates a branding opportunity for presenters; it should be done with the highest standards available by professionals who understand conceptual design.

There you go, the next time that you need professional PowerPoint presentations, just use eSlide!

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