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Progress Gold 3 to Promil 3

I have a problem. We can’t seem to find Progress Gold 3 here in Olongapo anymore. I was able to buy 4 big ones of 1.6kg when we just came, and bought another 2 almost 2 weeks ago. She only has one spare now. She’s still very much into drinking milk through her feeding bottles, and I don’t deprive her from doing so, coz she’s been very choosy in solid foods lately. So, I thought, at least if she drinks milk regularly, she’ll be okay. Yesterday, I went out to buy more and unfortunately found none. I even checked the pharmacies everywhere but they only have 1 & 2. My dad asked his nephew to check somewhere in Pag-asa area (sounds like we’re really hoping to get at least one hahaha! But it’s the name of the place, really!) I asked them when the next delivery for this would be and they are all clueless. But one said that customers hardly buy it bcoz it’s not unvailable in the box, and it’s too costly to buy the canned ones.

Bihira po kasi ang namimili nyan dito dahil bihira din naman yung nasa box, kasi nga po mahal daw, sabi nung tindera.

I had to to find a way. My daughter can’t stay hungry. I decided to buy Promil 3 instead. Just to try, I bought the smallest can. Glad she liked it! She almost finished the small can, and if she’s okay with it until tomorrow, then maybe I’ll just go for Promil 3. She still has the last Progress Gold 3 though. After the small one, I’ll let her finish the Progress first. Haaaaaaaay! Even if I get like 2 big ones, what if they go missing again after a while. Maybe I really should stick with Promil 3 now. So far wala namang effect sa poo poo nya eh!

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