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In response to Mommy Dine’s entry “How To Sustain The Filipina Image Online“, no doubt, I want to become a part of this campaign. I followed the 3 steps with pride and installed it in my sidebar.
In addition to that, I created an ID badge that says “Proud Pinay” on the header and placed it on my sidebar. Take a closer look…

It may sound sarcastic, but hey, I’m not instigating a fight here! I just wanna stress that using sexy Filipina mom as one’s pseudonym is not disgraceful at all.

As what Connie have said:

Sexy” is not the same as sex-starved or a belief that one is a sex toy. “Sexy” does not even connote a particular body shape or hairstyle or wardrobe. “Sexy” is a state of mind — a combination of a woman’s sensuality, her confidence in her own womanhood, her pride in being a female and her innate sense of power as a woman and as a person. Is that a disgrace? I think that’s some kind of wonderful.

See, sexy — like sex — is not dirty nor shameful.

I’ll say it once again “I’m a sexy Filipina mom, do you have a problem with that?“. If you do, well… you, yes YOU – yourself is your own problem, and not me being sexy bwahahaha!

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