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I used to be very shy while I was growing up. In fact, I see myself in my eldest daughter. Can’t blame her. I just feel like the whole crowd will eat me if I start speaking in public. The feeling of being in front of the many strangers in one place just terrifies me. It does not only happen in group discussions. I also didn’t feel like talking to anyone unless they approach me first. That is why many people would tag me snob. But I wasn’t. I was just afraid of rejection. Or they would ignore me if I do the first move.

Until such time I worked abroad. That gradually changed everything. I began making friends to anyone I met in the airport. I would usually start the conversation confidently expecting for them to respond back which didn’t fail me.

My shyness went away when I started blogging. You see, blogging can do many things including changes. Blogging also kept me busy and somehow diverted myself to something else and not just munching on unhealthy food that would make my cholesterol shoot up. Well, even if it would, there’s always atorvastatin from That’s when I met friends online till we became friends in real life. My approach to strangers also changed when I started working for my present Employer. I was given the chance to travel and meet people whom I encountered the first time. That even improved a lot when I was given the responsibility to head the Visitors’ Bureau. It’s even more improving since we started with our English proficiency class and Toastmaster’s meetings at work. These meetings basically teach and motivate us how to speak in public without fear, instead with confidence that, we, can also do it well.

I am now convinced that everything comes in gradual approach, naturally, whenever we are ready to face the crowd.


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  1. I’m grateful for my school in highschool as they trained us well to become confident of ourselves in front of people.


    Mitchteryosa Reply:

    @earthlingorgeous, My school also gave us opportunities as yours but it was me. I just cannot stand in front of people, speaking, especially those who I do not know. Para akong natutunaw sa hiya haha!

    That’s why when my classmates see me today, parang wow Mitch ikaw ba yan haha! Ang daldal ko na daw LOL!


  2. As a communication arts graduate, I should be at ease with public speaking – but I’m not. Hahaha! I’m a writer, not a speaker. Kuddos to you for doing something most people can’t 🙂


  3. I was also like you back then, but overcome it during high school because we were always required to be on stage. I’ve also learned that I don’t have to worry about what other people would say..


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