Whether you have a hot date coming up or you simply want to ensure that your lips look more kissable than ever in your next selfie, there are a number of things you can do to ensure that your lips look as amazing as they can be. So, pucker up and take a look at these tips for more kissable lips:

Exfoliate and Apply Moisturizer First of all, you will need to exfoliate your lips using a lip scrub. This will get rid of dead skin and give you a soft and smooth surface to work with. You can buy ready-made lip scrubs, but if you prefer the natural touch, mixing a small amount of olive oil with brown sugar will give you a gentle exfoliator that works well and doesn’t introduce any toxins into your body.

Once your lips have been thoroughly scrubbed, apply a couple of coats of lip balm to increase softness and prevent your lips from cracking or peeling. You should exfoliate lips at least once a week and moisturize daily, if possible.

Let Loose the Liner Now that the prep is done, it’s time to line your lips. Doing so will help you to create the perfect bow-shaped lips, define the area and prevent your lipstick from bleeding. Ideally, you should use a lip liner that matches the color of the lipstick you plan to use. 

Time to Tint Your lips are lined and starting to look shapely, which means it’s now time to tint your lips. Using a lip tint to stain your lips will help to ensure that, even if you are kissing and canoodling, your lips will remain colored. Your lip tint should be of a similar color to your lipstick for best results.

Lots of Lipstick Next, apply a high-quality lipstick, such as Jouer lip crème, in a shade that suits your skin tone. If you want your lips to look good for longer, choosing lipsticks that have been made to last is never a bad ideal.

Glide on Some Gloss This is optional, but if you like your lips to look really plump and glossy, applying a clear coating of lip gloss on top of your lipstick will make a real difference. Just ensure you wait until your gloss is completely dry before you think about moving on to the next step, or you could be left with a lip disaster that’s anything but kissable.

Seal Before You Kiss Once you’ve pretty much created the perfect luscious lip look, it’s time to seal the deal by sealing your makeup in place, so that it will not bleed, transfer or disappear as the day goes on. The easiest way to seal your lips is by placing a tissue over your lips and then applying a light coating of translucent powder, such as Maybelline Finishing Translucent Powder, over the tissue layer. By doing this, a small amount of powder will end up on your lips helping to set your color and lock in your look.

Do you have kissable lips? What is your secret?


Mitch Carvalho

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