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It’s been a while since the last time I posted an entry here. This time, I made a dessert and called it Pudding Ala Leche, LOL! I made that up haha! Anyway, before I go on let me show you the finished product.

You would need the following:

12-15 pcs Pan de Sal or 8-10 pcs of sliced white bread (left overs are best recommended)

1 can of Condensed milk

Sugar (up to you how sweet you wanted it)

1 tbsp Sugar for the Caramel

1/2 liter of Fresh boiled milk

2 whole eggs

Llanera ( I don’t know how it’s exactly called but it’s the canister that you used for making leche flan) and Steamer, since I don’t have these things, I used these things my alternatives:

Stainless Steel Canister and a Pressure Cooker

First, I used my heavy duty blender to make bread crumbs.

Then pour the boiled fresh milk, stir. Then pour the condensed milk next, after that the eggs and sugar and keep on stirring.

Now, you need the caramel. Put the sugar into the canister till it’s brown.

After that, pour the mixture into the same canister, keep it in the cooker uncovered, then cover the cooker and let it steam for like 10 minutes OR count the no. of whistles LOL! You should steam it within 1-20 whistles. I’m not kidding, that’s how I do it. I count them. Really.

That’s it! You now have a homemade Pudding ala Leche! LOL! Of course, it’s yummy!

Note: Special credit to Deye, my daughter. She helped me made the pan de sal into small pieces before I blended it.

Mitch Carvalho

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  1. mitch, this is so mouth-watering. thanks for posting how to do this in details. i really appreciate it. pandesal would be a lot better than white bread, but we don’t have pandesal here and i don’t have a recipe for pandesal… argghh… anyways… i wanna try this when i have time. looks so delicious.

    janet’s last blog post..spaghetti bolognese


  2. I just had to chance to hop on the entries for last week’s weekly fest because I now had the time and I need to. hehehe.

    Wow! Mitch, ang sarap nito. try ko to ha. nice idea.


  3. I’m sure my kids will love to help me preparing this pudding ala leche,will try this weekend, thanks Mitch & Derik for sharing to us this, hope more recipes to show hehehe, demanding ano. :))


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