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Deye : Mama, bakit si Manny Villar hindi pumapalit ng damit, always wearing orange shirt?

Then after few seconds it was Pacman and Willie Revillame shown on TV, also wearing orange shirts.

Deye : O! Pati si Pacquaio saka si Wowowee!!!

I just told her “maybe that’s their favorite color” LOL!


Deye : Mama, how did we get our names? Who give us our names?

Me : Our mama and dada. Mita & Lolo gave me and papa names. Dada & Mama gave you and Erchelle names.

Deye : Ahhhhh!


And the most sensitive question that I have not anticipated was:

Deye : Mama, paano ba tayo ginawa?

Me : We were gifts from Bro.

Deye : How nga?

Me : We shut the lights off, we slept and when Mama woke up, preggy na kasi nagbigay ng gifts si Bro when we were sleeping.

I know I didn’t do well but cmon how do I answer the question on the spot? *sigh*

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