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Tin tagged me with this question:

What did you learn about yourself in the last year?

I had learned a lot in life for the past years, but last year put a remark. I officially became a mother and being a good and responsible mother takes a lot of effort and learning. Before getting pregnant, I was hesitant about myself being a mother. No. 1 reason? I’m not very capable and reliable when it comes to household chores. So how can I perform and attend to my daughter’s needs when I can’t even deal with the household well? But then, I said to myself “kung yung iba nga nakaya, siguro kaya ko din”.

I got pregnant. One of my work colleagues asked me, “Are you scared?” I said answered her honestly “yes, and I’m afraid too”. She consoled me by telling me “don’t worry Mitch, you’ll pick-up, take it from me, I even said the same thing to my mother”.

Until this day I still remember those words that she said.

So what did I learn about myself last year?

Mitch, you are doing good, you definitely can be a mother, just keep on learning

And to keep this meme go on, Feng, Kimmy and Arlene, would you mind if I ask you answer my question, please???

At your lowest point, whom do you turn to when you think there’s no one else left around but you?

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  • feng

    uy Sis, para akong nasa hotseat sa question na yan ah. pang the Buzz ang dating. nag reincarnate yata si Tito Boy Abunda sa katauhan mo, hehe. 🙂

    pramis, I’ll do this assignment, ahora mismo!

    Okay lang, birthday mo naman so sakto! :p


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