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xoom.comKeeping up with an average monthly remittance can sometimes be a burden. You don’t know when “the need of an extra money” is going to occur. And the worst, it always happens at a bad time, either the salary hasn’t come through to your account yet or it falls on a holiday or weekend which obviously means that offices are closed. When this thing happens, I bet you wish that Genie does really exist to grant at least one of your wishes and that is “make those figures appear on my account N-O-W or get the bank open to attend to your request”.

From my personal experience when I was still working abroad, bank and door to door padala transactions are not the best option when put in a situation that your family needs the money now – as in right now. Simply because this kind of padala transaction takes about 2-3 working days and could sometimes get delayed for some reasons like you have sent the money just before the cut-off blah blah blah! So what happens next? Nothing. All you could do is wait until the next working day comes. And another days of waiting for the recipient to finally receive the money. Read full article over at

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