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hCG Weight Loss

If there’s one stage in my early 20s that I would not want to remember was during the time when I weighed only 42 kgs. Sure, I aim to bring back my weight to at least 55 kgs but not less than that. At the moment, I weigh 60 kgs. My weight drastically increased after giving birth to my 2nd daughter. I have tried all the possible ways to lose weight but I guess I am too far from perfecting it. I need to master first the art of discipline.

But still, I take time to read quick ways to lose weight. The well known hcg weight loss for one. I seriously checked online what hcg stands for and found out that:

Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is a glycoprotein hormone produced during pregnancy that is made by the developing embryo after conception and later by the syncytiotrophoblast (part of the placenta). However, it is not known whether this production is a contributing cause or an effect of tumorigenesis. hCG is also produced in the pituitary gland of males and females of all ages. Since the mid-20th century, hCG has been promoted as a supplement to combat weight loss, though there has been no proof that it is effective or safe. {Facts from Wikipedia}

Whether hCG is the most safest and effective way to lose weight, for now, I’ll stick with the thought that Gaylee had shared with me just last week, and that is… Early risers may be thinner…. happier…. You’ve guessed it right! I get up at 5am everyday including weekends. Of course not, it’s not about aging! It’s my body clock, no matter how exhausted I was the previous night, I still get up at 5am, the latest would be 6am unless my mom decides to take Ishi to their house on a weekend, that’s the only time I go back to bed and enjoy sleeping until at least 10am.

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