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Raising a picky eater

My picky eaterI used to hate cooking but since I discovered I can cook well, I started loving it. Given the fact that I am raising a picky eater, I personally thought that if I cook for the household, it will help me convince my 5 y/o girl to eat whatever is served on the table but that is not what is happening. She still refuses to eat  almost half of the dishes I serve her.

It works at times though if I get her involved in the preparation but that doesn’t mean she finishes her meal. She still does not but you won’t hear complains from her just because she prepared it herself.

She also refuses to eat blended food so I guess blending the veggies together with meat won’t work. There are also instances when she would just sit down quietly and does not take even a small bite, at all. Harsh, but I need to reprimand her by sending her to the living or bedroom, with empty stomach until she realizes that not everyone gets to eat this kind of meal. I clearly made a house rule especially for her that “she has to eat what is served in front of her”. But hey c’mon I am a mom! I, myself, at times break my own rule. Of course, who would let a kid go to bed hungry?

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