Raising girls

Seems like yesterday when I was still on the “celebrating your newborn” stage. Look at them now, both are darlings and beauties in their own unique way.

Deye and Ishi

This somehow challenges me as a mother especially that their father is not around as they grow up. I really see it as a challenge and will continuously see it as challenging as how my mom had raised me. I seriously think raising girls is more harder than raising boys including the drama that they would encounter as they go through school, not to forget when the time comes that “Mama” is no longer their comforter. I can’t remember how many times I cried over heartaches! I just hope my girls won’t experience those terrible and unforgettable series of dramas I had back then. My heart will certainly break before theirs. I guess I should start reading “Parenting 101 on Tweens” as early as now.


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  1. Thanks for such a touching post. I was raised by a single mother and sure there are some difficult memories that I have. But if anything, in my adulthood, I praise and respect my mother more than ever for knowing that it must’ve been such a challenge for her to take care of me. She inspires me to do great things with my life and I’m sure you do the same for your daughters!


  2. Its my greatest achievement when I give birth to my son Russcle. I’m glad that you post such inspiring thoughts that mom would love it. Its not easy yo become a single mom.You need to strive hard in order to feed them for they can grow and develop into mature one. Give them bright future for us they can struggle and become good citizen someday.


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