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Ramadan Is Almost Over

The Holy Month of Ramadan is almost over. That means Eid holiday comes after, hmmmmm… Everyone in the office is wishing and hoping that first day of Eid falls on Friday so that another day will be added to the 3 days Public Holiday as Friday is a normal holiday here. Meaning, from Friday till Tuesday we will be getting off days. How cool eh?

For me it doesn’t matter how many days. Even 3 days will do, at least I’ll have the chance to be with Deye especially that she’s not feeling so well since yesterday. The only disadvantage is that my husband has to be at work. We never get to enjoy national holidays together. Their resto gets busy on these days so there’s no way he could get on leave.

What do we do during those days? I don’t know, really…. Hahaha! Maybe just stay at home and keep ourselves busy. Most of my friends will be at work during these public holidays *sigh*.

There you go my blogging friends! I’ll be on 3-4 days hiatus from Friday so don’t come looking. :p


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  • Kongkong622

    Dito din holiday sa Friday. Woohoo!! We’ll be making up for lost time with the kids so I’ll be on hiatus too. See you after the break 🙂

    Our holiday started Friday, kaya we had 4 days. Pero ako di na nakapasok ng Thu kasi maysakit si Deye, kaya I had 5 days din kaso di naman nakalabas kasi may pasok din si Derrick.


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