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I enrolled Ate Deye for Reading, Writing and Math program this summer. I thought she needed them for next school year. In a span of week, she has improved a lot in her reading skills. She could now read three letter words easily.

Since I am not always around to guide and teach her, I thought of making slide shows with narration. Simple three letter words like:


Why preferably these kind of words? Because I also wanted her to know  that they differ in meanings when properly pronounced in English (Confusing for a 4 year old but I guess it’s always good to start at an early age). What I have made may not be perfectly pronounced but I’m sure that would do. Besides English is not my mother tongue.

By the way, I have uploaded the slide shows I was talking about earlier. I hope these could help other mommies like me who are teaching younger kids to read.

| Three Letter Words|
Note : You need to download the file to hear the voice.

I also made number tools by 5s and 10s. I think I should also make these with narration.

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